One's fitness level largely determines their health status, they paralell each other. Stay fit, stay healthy.

Complete bed rest corresponds to about a one percent decrease in physiologic function per day. This is one reason why hospitals try to get you up and about after an event.

Personal Training,
Personalized Programs for Everyone

Feel Good Fitness offers personalized programs for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.

Improving your over all health is the primary focus of our programs and not just focusing on single elements of fitness, health or nutrition. Balance is key to improving and moving forward to reach your highest goals.

A very thorough consultation with emphasis on your health history, your physical condition, any medications you may be taking, any physical limitations you may have, your goals or desires,and any obstacles that may interfere with your program, is carefully done before any engagement of activity. A doctors consent and participation may be needed as well.

Because of its high value and exteme importance, strength training is a major factor in improving ones health and vitality. It has become the focal point of most programs today. Strength training is well researched, validated and extremely popular today.

Feel Good Fitness is a leading practising entity of strength training, and its numerous vital benefits with many years of experience and success.

Our clients have the utmost privacy, with training and consulting at my studio, clients home, or professional gym or health club of their choosing or affiliation.





Our areas of expertise include:

Strength Training, Building Muscle
Body Toning & Sculpting
Circuit Training
Lifestyle Management
Training for Seniors
Traditional Strength Training
All About Weight Management
Body composition analysis, including, Lean Body Mass (LBM), and Fat Mass (FM)
Fitness Testing
Flexibility Testing
Sports injury Rehab.
Supporting Arthritus conditions
Increasing your Fitness Levels/ Aerobics conditioning

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