An indicater of what's to come?

What you put into your body today, will dictate how you feel and what you will look like and become 10 years from now

Optimum amounts of nutrients, that is the amount of nutrient that will benefit your body the most, cannot be obtained by the natural diet. That is why supplements may be extremely helpful, and convenient.

Nutrition Is Half the Battle

Are you at a loss when shopping for healthy foods to eat for you or your family?

Are you confused as to what is good for you and what may hurt you or jeopardize your health?

How many calories do you really need?

What roles do fats, carbohydrates and protein play? How much do you need of each?

Are your energy levels low?

Do you know what your Metabolism is, and how it effects your body weight?

Do know what functional foods are?

What is the role of nutrition in recovery after exercise?

Would you like to have fun and learn at the same time? You can by participating in actual shopping spress,in groups, or one on one, it's fun, it's educational and it's a must for your healthy lifestyle program.

Learn about supplements are they the real thing, which are proven, which are junk.

Do you need to take vitamins and supplements? What should you do?

Can your diet supply your nutrition needs?

How harmful is the food you are eating?

What effect does sugar and High glycemic foods have in weight control? What role does insulin play in fat storage?





Our areas of expertise include:

Dietary Analysis
Body Fat Analysis
Lean Body Analysis
Computation of BMR
Educational shopping Sprees
Computation of Caloric Needs
How to read Food Labels
Balancing Carbs. Fats, Proteins

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