A very large part of our struggles are mental when confronting weight management and life style changes. Years of living your life your way has hard wired some unhealthy repetitive habits that can be very difficult to break or control.
How you have been living your life is how your children will live theirs.

Trying to eliminate, or cut back on a particular food item in your diet is a mental challenge. One needs to and must gradually disassociate themselves with the taste, feel, tecture, smell and feelings one gets from eating those items from your mind. It can take up to 9 months of effort and therapy to control your desires. Now your desires control you! It can be done, and when you succeed, your battle is over.

The Health Coach Adviser


Compared to even just 50 years ago our lives and body's are traveling at warp speed trying to keep up and assimilate todays technology and current life styles.

Our life styles have literally no resemblance to back then. Every thing has changed, some change is good, some are not so good.

Stress has become a common occurence with people and families. We have more stress issues now than any other time in history. Stress has become a major issue in ones health and well being, with very serious , and in some cases grave consequences.

We are the most modern progressive society in the world and we yet rank somewhere near the bottom (40th) for health and longevity.

Children of today will not live as long as their parents. They are the first group of children in history to be very unhealthy, with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol all to common.

Unless intervention, they will pass their habits and their life style, which they have learned from there parents on to their children, and over all poor health will continue to plummet and perpetuate itself.

We have adapted and adopted (some reluctantly) to a very unhealthy life style conducive to ill health and premature medical afflictions.

The question becomes; why is this happening? Why do we relegate our health to the bottom of our life style priorities? When undeniabily we all say we want to enjoy many things in life before our number expires. Folk's lets face reality, we do not like to exercise. The reasons vary.

We are given the gift of life, which in itself is a miracle of nature. Life is the greatest gift we will ever receive, and yet appreciation for it is not what it should be. A healthy vibrant body is the way to fully enjoy life. We need to restructure our lives to set an example for our children. And to give them the chance to enjoy a healthy long life.

Technology has pushed and encouraged us to a very sedentary life style of convenience and business has inundated us with tons and tons of junk food. Stress has become too common and extremely devastating to our health. The saying STRESS IS A KILLER, has become reality.

We have attacked our body's on both fronts with out advanced warning. Gorging unhealthy foods and relegating our body's to very little physical effort. Both are in stark contrast to our body's make up.

Our body's, thru years of evolution were made to survive and exist on clean water,clean air, (back then the oxygen content of the air was around 23 %, today it's about 19-21 %), pristine fruits and plant life, clean aquatic life, clean/natural animal meat on occasion. our body's were not happenstance they evolved to fit the terrain and life style of that erra.

All of todays choices are new and startling to our body's and mind. Evolution had no time what so ever to make compensations to this advanced assualt on our body's and health.

As you know evolution would nead hundreds/thousands of years to advance our body's. Look at prehistoric man, it took thousands of years for them to develop in very small increments. We have effected more change on our body's in the last 75 years than prehistoric man did in a thousand years, think about that. Because of this our body's are under constant stress to stay healthy.





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