People of age who actively stay fit, are biologically 20 years younger than their counter parts who choose not to stay active.

"People who worked out more than 100 days throughout the year had a 30 percent reduction in sick days." Training, Feb 2008

Aging and Fitness

The role of exercise and fitness in the aging body is absolutely critical to a long healthy, fully functional life. Left alone with no exercise, your body will be on a fast track to physical deterioration.

Sadly, the people who actually need the benefits of execise the most, are the people who do it the least or not at all. It's the older, or elderly population. Through no fault of their own, just bad timing, they are not clued into the almost magical benefits of exercise for their population.

Learn why the 60 year old of today can be the new 40 year old. Here's the news; you control the physical aging of your body. That is correct, you are in charge of aging slowly and gracefully, while maintaining great vigor and enhanced fitness levels.

The most deleterious consequence of aging is muscle loss. Continuing loss of muscle is singularly responsible for a decreased, dependant life style.

A typical person who does not exercise can expect a 25 pound loss of muscle by the age of 50. This should not be acceptable. Almost always the loss of muscle is replaced by fat, so using the scale is a big mistake that is commonly made.

Most clients in nursing homes are there because of weakness and decrepid body status. They just don't have the strength necessary to handle their normal daily functions.

Falling is a very big concern with the elderly, the consequences of which can be very serious indeed. The reason for most falls is directly related to weaknened joints from muscular atrophy. Their muscles are so weak they cannot support themselves properly.

It is your muscles that strengthen your joints, and gives you vitalty and a fully functioning body that will allow you to do all the things physical that you enjoy doing.

Feel Good Fitness is on the front line of technology in the aging body. We offer individualized programs for your needs and physical condition. You are never to old to reap all the great benefits of exercise.





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