The burst of energy, vitalty and the euphorious mental high you get from exercise and being fit equals the thrill of a roller coaster ride. The only difference? A roller coaster ride ends.

An overweight individual also has an over worked heart. For each pound of fat you gain,it requires an extra mile of blood vessels. So a ten pound gain in fat requires your heart to pump blood an extra 10 miles per beat.

"People who worked out more than 100 days throughout the year had a 30 percent reduction in sick days." Training, Feb 2008

Welcome to Feel Good Fitness, your one stop for all your health and fitness needs

Feel Good Fitness offers personalized programs for everyone regardless of age and condition.

Our Goals are to not only train you with the latest in technology, but of high importance is to educate and simplify to our clients the road to optimum health and vitality.

Most of our clients can go into any gym or health club and not be imtimidated by the staff, machines or equipment,and in most cases will know more than the staff.

Feel Good Fitness is all about Personal Training, specifically individualized especially for you, your goals desires and abilty, it is not a walk in gym.

A bit about myself before going forward:

I have been active in health and fitness for many years. I have managed health clubs,and I have also instructed at health clubs and gyms. I also consult in health club and gym set up and operation, using the latest guidelines and principals as established by The ACSM & OSHA.

I have won victories at the East Coast Powerlifting Championships, as well as the New England Power Lifting Championships. I was also a winner at the Connecticut state Championships and the Rhode Island State Championships as well.

I was partner to and trained with Bob Gaura of Mattapan. Bob won titles of Mr. New England, and Mr. Massachusetts, and he held records in the bench press for years, and has many other strentgh and body building victories to his credit.

I held the high school record in the bench press, and also set a new record in the US Army ladder suspension run, that's racing down an overhead ladder hanging by your arms.

I have many certifications in the health and fitness fields from nutrition to fitness testing. I hold a current certification by ACSM. That's the American College of Sports Medicine, they are the Gold Standard in the fitness industry. Along with that I have certifications by ISSA, NFPT, IFA, PCDI, and I stay current by attending conferences and seminars regularly,in most cases re-certifying yearly, there by assuring my experise and qualifications to my clients.

I'm an associate member of AFTA, that's American Fitness Testing Association, and I am qualified to do all forms of fitness and body composition testing.

I'm a current member in good standing with ESCS, that's Ethics and Safety Compliance Standards Committee. They are the better Business Bureau of Personal Trainers.

I'm also a member of the NSCA, and a member of The National Senior Olympic Games Association.

I have appeared on TV, a half hour presentation speaking on the extreme benefits of strength training for seniors. And I have specialty training and certification for training older adults as well.

I have been awarded Trainer Elite Status by the IDEA foundation, and I am certified in Sports Nutrition as well.

I have lectured at town halls, fire departments, utilities and other businesses and organizations on a variety of tailored health and fitness topics. These are always educational and much fun, with plenty of interaction.

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Body composition & body Fat Analysis
  • Health Coach Advisor
  • Senior Fitness Training
  • Strength & Aerobics Training
  • WomenÂ’s Health
  • Weight Management
  • Personal Exercise Prescription
  • Educational Lectures
  • Flexible Appointments
  • Utmost Privacy
  • Difficult Cases Welcome
  • Your Place or My Studio
  • Educational Shopping Sprees
  • weekly News Letters
  • Organized Bike Runs.

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